Brilliant Dev providing ideal network solutions for small and medium sizes of enterprises and companies based on its experienced network team which is consists of highly skilled engineers and experts. Dealing with all types of network products such as Cisco, HP, IBM, Dell, and Juniper…etc. ability to deliver solutions in Network infrastructure, Network design, network security and storage systems. BDev provides consultation, engineering, equipment supply, installation and on-going maintenance support to almost all of Oman's government organizations and many private companies.

·   building new networks

·   upgrading existing networks

·   cabling structure design and installation

·   designing network infrastructure (LANs, MAN, WANs)

·   supplying, installing and configuring network equipments (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, IPX)

·   VOIP solutions

·   network management and security systems

·   Wireless solutions

·    Fiber Optic Technology   

·    Servers and Storages Systems installation and configuration